2017 Contest Winners

Congratulations to all of our 2017 Coast Day contest winners!


Photo Contest

Winner: Grant Jiang - @vagrantphotography

Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge

Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge

Runner-up: Beth Baker - @bethbaker302

South Bowers Beach

Honorable Mentions: 

Neil Parry @photographyndp

Abby Shepard @abby.shepard.photography

Beth Baker @bethbaker302

Essay Contest

Winner: Anna Puleo

Thurgood Marshall Elementary School

Teacher: Mrs. Nancy Ventresca

Flying with Hummingbirds

Did you know that a hummingbird flies over water and land nonstop for more than 24 hours? Would you like to watch their full migration journey? With the help of a drone we could not just watch their migration we could learn from it.

The Ruby Throated Hummingbird lives in Delaware. Their mass varies from 2 to 6 grams. They eat insects and drink nectar. They are brown and green with double sided feathers on their necks so when you see them from a different angle their feathers are red. This gives them their name, the Ruby Throated Hummingbird.

Hummingbirds are pollinators. Pollinators are so important because without them we can’t grow some foods. Pollinators help apples, squash, and almonds grow. Those are only some of the foods they help. Without hummingbirds lots of plants can’t produce flowers and seeds which farmers need to grow more plants. Hummingbirds are also very helpful to flowers. Hummingbirds pollinate by going to a flower to get nectar. At the flower they get covered in pollen. The next flower they visit then gets covered in the pollen from the hummingbird giving it the ability to reproduce. As you can see pollinators are very important.

Using the help of a drone I would follow the hummingbirds on their migration journey. This would tell us more about hummingbirds so we could see the way they need help and then give it to them so they can flourish giving us more pollinators. We could also see the places they fly and their flying patterns and then use those to help us pollinate. If we are seeing were they go, we can see how many hummingbirds there are. This way we could lure more humming birds to help us pollinate. The more pollinators we have, the more food we have, the more food we can give to people in need.

It is very important we get more pollinators because the main population of pollinators, bees, is going down. If bees go extinct we will need hummingbirds to fill in for the bee pollination job. This is why we need to use the drone and learn more about hummingbirds. Technology can help solve so many problems in this world.

2nd Place: James Falk, Jr.

Rehoboth Elementary School

Teacher: Dr. Denise Subrick

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3rd Place: Brady Kosc

Rehoboth Elementary School

Teacher: Ms. Jacquie Kisiel

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Honorable Mentions:

Jasmine Johnson

Thurgood Marshall Elementary School

Teacher: Ms. Jennifer Watkins

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Savannah Montgomery

Rehoboth Elementary School

Teacher: Ms. Jacquie Kisiel

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Shelby Manlove

Shields Elementary School

Teacher: Ms. Gail Drummond

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Crab Cake Cook-off

Winner: Lynne Laino

Pecan-crusted Crab Cakes with Fresh Creamed Corn

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Seafood Chowder Contest

Winner: Chef Zachary Kresge

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