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The 2017 Coast Day program and schedule of events are listed to showcase some of the events that Coast Day offers. The 2018 Program will be available in September 2018.

Coast Day 2017 Program:                  Map of 2017 Coast Day Activities:


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These are some of the events you can expect at this year's Coast Day!
*All times and locations are tentative.

11:00 am
Crab Cake Cook-Off

Finalists prepare their own special recipes in hopes of making “Delaware’s Best Crab Cakes.”  Location: Food Festival, Crab Cake Cook-Off Tent

11:30 am
Coast Day Ceremony

Announcements and recognition of Coast Day Fifth-Grade Essay Contest and Photography Contest winners. Location: Cannon Lab, Porch. (In case of inclement weather, ceremony will be held in Cannon Lab, Room 203.)

11:30 am
Seafood Chowder Challenge

Taste different seafood chowders and vote for your favorite. Location: Food Festival, Chowder Challenge Tent 

12:00 pm
Mango-Shrimp Black Bean Salad

Join Brooke Grossman, a University of Delware dietetic intern, for a demonstration on how to make black bean salad with mango and shrimp. Location: Schooner Room, Virden Center

12:00 pm
Crab Cake Cook-Off Judging

Who will earn the title of "Delaware's Best Crab Cakes?" Location: Food Festival, Crab Cake Cook-Off Tent

12:30 pm
Sea Level Rise

Chris Sommerfield, University of Delaware professor, shares his perspective on what sea level rise means for coastal Delaware. Location: Cannon Lab 202

12:30 pm
Chemical Magic Show

Children of all ages will enjoy this fun-filled chemical magic show hosted by George Luther, University of Delaware.  

12:30 pm
Performance: Big Hat, No Cattle

12:00 pm - 4:00 pm. Location: Bandstand

1:00 pm
Award Presentation: Crab Cake Cook-Off Winner

Location: Food Festival, Crab Cake Cook-Off Tent 

1:30 pm
Robots and Coastal Change

Art Trembanis, University of Delaware professor, talks about how he uses autonomous vehicles to map changes in beaches, barriers, and seafloor habitats along Delware's coast. Location: Cannon Lab 202

1:30 pm
Ocean to Plate

Join Kelsey Hamilton, President of Locally Hooked, as she takes us through a seafood cooking demonstration and explains what she means by a community supported fishery. Location: Schooner Room, Virden Center

2:15 pm
Dance of the Wind

Join University of Delaware undergraduates as they perform an original intepretive dance, Renewable Energy Suite: Dance of the Wind. Location: Bandstand

2:30 pm
Hydrothermal Vents

George Luther, University of Delaware professor, shares the stories of his 2017 deep sea dives to study hydrothermal vents on the seafloor. Location: Cannon Lab 202

2:30 pm
Award Presentation: Seafood Chowder Challenge Winner

Find out who won the Seafood Chowder Challenge! Location: Bandstand 

3:00 pm
Seafood Cooking Demonstration

Join Ted Deptula, Executive Chef for the Lewes Yacht Club, for a cooking demonstration! Recipe TBA. Location: Schooner Room, Virden Center

3:15 pm
Dance of the Wind

Join University of Delaware undergraduates as they perform an original intepretive dance, Renewable Energy Suite: Dance of the Wind​. Location: Bandstand

3:30 pm
Delaware's Marine Mammals and Sea Turtles

Suzanne Thurman, Executive Director of the Marine Education, Research and Rehabilitation Institute takes us on a tour of Delaware's most charismatic marine life. Location: Cannon Lab 202