Coast Day Crab Cake Cook-Off judges wanted!

Jul. 27, 2018

Judges to be determined via online trivia contest

By Connor Keane

Think you’ve got what it takes to deem a crab cake recipe divine or just fine? Coast Day organizers are putting out the call for judges for the annual Coast Day Crab Cake Cook-Off.

To be sure that the judges for this competition are the highest caliber of crab-cake connoisseurs, they are selected through an online trivia contest. Aspiring judges have to answer 20 multiple choice questions, ranging in topic from general knowledge of crabs, to cooking, to the history of the Coast Day Cook-Off itself.

The highest scoring entrants will earn a place on the panel taste testing the best crab cake recipes our community has to offer. Information and a link to the trivia contest are on the official Coast Day website’s contests page. Entries are due by Thursday, August 30.

Those interested in being on the other side of the panel of judges still have time to submit their recipes for consideration. Submission and registration for the cook-off itself will be open until August 10. Recipes should be based around the preparation of two pounds of jumbo lump blue crab meat. Judging is based on taste, originality, balance of crab meat, and texture.

If selected as one of the eight finalists, entrants will have the opportunity to compete at the final competition on Coast Day, where they will be asked to prepare their dish for an in-person judging. The top three winners will receive cash prizes, along with the honor of having their recipes immortalized in the official Coast Day Crab Cake Cook Book.

The registration form to enter your recipe should be emailed to